March 29, 2023

Parent Support Groups

NAMI Rochester

This group is for parents and caregivers of school-aged children ages 4-10. Whether you are navigating school experiences, parenting struggles, or seeking social connection with other parents, let us offer a safe space to share together.

These groups allow parents and caregivers to share their joys and challenges with each other in a safe and welcoming environment, and people can make connections, learn together, and receive the support they need to give the best of themselves to their children.

Closed captioning and interpreters available upon request.


Parents Helping Parents Coalition of Monroe County

It truly takes a village to support the children and families in our Rochester, NY community, and especially those with developmental delays/disabilities who are waiting for Early Intervention/Preschool Support Services. Our Parent Connection series is a collaboration between Parents Helping Parents Coalition of Monroe County, Parenting Village, and Step by Step Pediatric Therapy Services, to offer free & unique connection opportunities for parents/families to learn from experts & each other as they navigate their journey. We host Parent Webinars and in-person play dates with volunteer provider/veteran parent support. 

Facebook Group:


Webster Central PTSA: Special Education Parent Teacher Association

Mission: SEPTA strives to provide information and support to parents and teachers of children with special needs, and to promote better educational and community opportunities for our children.

If your child is serviced by RTI, a 504 or IEP, SEPTA is for you. They coordinate family social events, identify community resources, and provide support to families.


Catholic Charities : Family and Community Services

Comprehensive services that support strong families

Building and strengthening families, as well as individuals within families, is at the very heart of the support Catholic Charities provides to children and their parents and guardians.

From adoption services to early intervention to help keep families together, to foster care for youth from all over the world fleeing abuse, neglect and violence… All our services and programs are focused on helping families to build, strengthen and achieve their full potential.


Mental Health Association: Family Peer Support Program

Family Peer Support Services (FPSS) are an array of formal and informal activities and supports provided to families caring for/raising a child who is experiencing social, emotional, medical, developmental, substance use, and/or behavioral challenges in their home, school, placement, and/or community. FPSS provides a structured, strength-based relationship between a Family Peer Advocate (FPA) and the parent/family member/caregiver for the benefit of the child/youth.

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For more information and to register:

Phone: Maria Cruz at 585-325-3145 ext. 150

We offer

  • Support by phone, in person, in groups, or individually.
  • Assistance with school issues—education advocacy.
  • Teen support.
  • Assistance in identifying and developing natural supports.
  • Caregiver discussion, education, and skill-building groups.

Parent to Parent of NYS

What is Parent to Parent Matching?

Parent to Parent of NYS offers a parent of a person with a developmental disability or special health care need the opportunity to be connected one-to-one with another parent who knows first-hand about the feelings and realities that come with having a family member with a disability or chronic illness. Through the one-to-one match the experienced support parent provides emotional support to the referred parent and assists them in finding information and resources. Research on parent to parent programs indicates:

  • Parent to Parent support increases parents’ sense of being able to cope.
  • Parent to Parent support increases parents’ acceptance of their situation.
  • Parent to Parent helps parents make progress on the need they present when they first contact a Parent to Parent program.
  • Over 80% of parents find Parent to Parent support to be helpful.

Parents are matched, based on their request, with a trained Support Parent who has a child with a similar disability, chronic illness, health care concern or to help with parenting issues. Matches are available for those with young children and those parenting adult sons and daughters. Matches are also made for grandparent or sibling caregivers, foster/adoptive parents, and anyone involved in the care of someone with a disability. Over 1,200 parents have entered our statewide support parent network.

Parents and other primary family caregivers are offered the opportunity to connect one-to-one with a parent or caregiver of an individual with the same or similar disability or special health care need – someone who has “been there”.

If you live in New York State and would like to be matched with a Support Parent, you can request a match through this website or by contacting your Regional Office.

Be sure to subscribe to the regional newsletter for regular updates on activities.


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Autism Up Parent and Grandparent Meet Ups

Share your stories, questions, and feelings about being a parent of a child with ASD. These meet-ups are for parents to connect with other parents going through the same challenges and joys that autism brings. Parents share success stories and give advice to those who are struggling. We hope you are able to join us at these meet-ups to develop an invaluable network of support. If you have questions, please contact Kelly Conlon at

Parent/Caregiver Connection Meetups Register Here

Grandparent Connection Meetups Register Here


Flower City Down Syndrome Network

The Flower City Down Syndrome Network offers several groups and programs to support our member families.

Our Parent Support Meetings and Social Groups offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to learn more about Down syndrome and how best to support their child (or children) by talking with medical experts and with other parents.

Well wishes are available upon request, as well as Special Services such as interpreters or gluten-free needs.


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