December 28, 2012


Special needs Child care services

A list of childcare resources for families and children with special needs

Expressive Beginnings

The compassionate care that Heritage Christian Services has been known for is extended through the agency’s Expressive Beginnings Child Care in Henrietta, N.Y. While the center is not specifically designed for children with disabilities, it accommodates as many special needs families as possible and is backed by HCS’ longstanding expertise in that area.

Address:  875 Commons Way, Rochester, NY 14623
Phone:  (585) 340-2077
Fax:  (585) 272-0975

Children’s Center

The Children’s Center is a safe, full drop-off childcare center for children whose parents were attending court with a 3 to 1 adult to child ratio and no more than twelve children at one time. The Center is also a setting in which families can be linked to needed services such as those for children with possible developmental delays, Head Start, WIC, Temporary Assistance, and Medicaid.

Phone:  (585) 371-3540
Fax:  (585) 371-3582

Crisis Nursery of Greater Rochester

The Crisis Nursery of Greater Rochester is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping children and families in times of crisis.  The Nursery provides a temporary, safe, nurturing environment for children from newborns up to age ten whose families are in crisis. The Crisis Nursery’s primary goal is to provide temporary care for children at risk of abuse and neglect, while offering support services to families and caregivers.

Address:  201 Genesee Park Blvd, Rochester, New York 14619
Phone: (585) 235-5750
Fax: (585) 235-5750

Daystar for Medically Fragile Infants, Inc 

Daystar is the unique non-institutional provider of medical daycare services for infants and toddlers up to age 5 with special healthcare needs.  The goals of Daystar are to provide medically competent and socially stimulating care to infants with medical and  developmental complexities in a caring, nursing-supervised, home environment and ensure the health of the Daystar families by providing emotional support and advocacy.  Daystar also employs a Family Case Manager who educates families and provides  referrals to other community resources.

Address:  700 LacDeVille Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14618
Phone:  (585) 385-6287
Fax:  (585) 383-0033

Lakeside Child & Family Center (LCFC)

LCFC offers non-profit daycare for children 6 weeks old to 10 years old and Universal Pre-K program through the Rochester city School District. LCFC also offers onsite speech, hearing and vision evaluations and services  and Early Intervention referrals.  LCFC serves the Charlotte area of Rochester.

Address:  75 Stutson Street, Rochester, New York 14612
Phone:  (585) 663-3670
Fax: (585) 621-1709

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