Another Beautiful Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner with Mama Rosa


Rosa Wims and Bo Lee, 1st year resident in the PLC rotation

On this past November 11th, hundreds were served at Mama Rosa’s annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. This Rochester tradition was once again held on Veteran’s Day in order to provide a hot meal to children, families, and community members who might not otherwise receive it. Nearly 500 people came to the Montgomery Neighborhood Center to participate in the event this year.



Volunteers Serving Food at Mama Rosa’s 2013 Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Food for the event was provided by Foodlink, a regional food bank that has supported Mama Rosa’s Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner for years. The donated food is then prepared and served by volunteers and Mama Rosa, herself. The 90 year old, retired nurse remains passionate about her community and taking care of the children who reside there.

Mama Rosa’s Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner remains a gift and a service to the Rochester community. It is a great opportunity for those being served as well as for the individuals who volunteer.


Eileen Tipton and Rosa Wims

Read More About Mama Rosa’s 2013 Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Here:

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