Celebrating Family Health and Fitness Day: Prioritizing Well-being Together

On June 8th, families across the globe come together to celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day, a time to prioritize physical and mental well-being as a unit. In a world often dominated by hectic schedules and digital distractions, this day serves as a reminder of the importance of fostering healthy habits within the family circle.[…]

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, celebrated every May, serves as a crucial period for raising awareness about the impacts of asthma and allergies on millions of individuals worldwide. This awareness campaign emphasizes the importance of early detection, preventive measures, and advances in treatments that can significantly improve quality of life for those affected. Allergy Testing[…]

What is the best dental care routine for children?

Establishing a consistent dental routine for children, both in the morning and at night, is crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. These routines not only promote healthy teeth and gums but also instill good habits that can last a lifetime. Here’s a breakdown of a recommended morning and nighttime dental routine for children: Morning Dental[…]

The Importance of Dental Hygiene in Children

February is Dental Health Month! Dental hygiene in children is paramount for their overall health and well-being. Establishing good oral care habits from an early age sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Proper dental hygiene not only prevents dental problems but also contributes to a child’s confidence and social development.[…]

Thriving Forward Podcast

The “Thriving Forward Podcast,” hosted by Drs. Sarah Collins-McGowan and Megan Lasaponara, serves as a beacon of inspiration and a valuable resource for the Rochester, NY community. Focused on non-profit organizations and their leaders, this podcast stands out for its commitment to shedding light on the impactful work being done locally and empowering individuals to[…]

The Fabulous Work of the Nurse-Family Partnership Program

“Beginning with trust, ending with extraordinary outcomes.” *From the NFP Website The Nurse-Family Partnership is an amazing organization with a branch right here in Rochester that teams up first-time, low-income pregnant women with nurses for free home visits. Every one to two weeks, from early in the pregnancy until the child turns two years old,[…]

Being an active member of your community

KidsThrive585 had the great pleasure to sit down and talk with Marc S. Lavender, M.D., a primary care doctor in the Rochester community. He cares for both kids and adults at East Ridge Family Medicine. Dr. Lavender is a passionate advocate for community health in Rochester and is a mentor for blossoming advocates in the[…]

A Visit to CP Rochester Augustin Children’s Center

  The Augustin Children’s Center at CP Rochester is a universal pre-kindergarten provider, offering preschool to all children three to five years of age, with or without disabilities.  Each preschool classroom has 12 children with an adult-to-child ratio of 1:4.  The classes are fully integrated, meaning that there are six children with disabilities and six[…]

A Visit to Holy Childhood

Holy Childhood was founded in 1946 by educators and community leader visionaries who believed in the value of every person regardless of their abilities. Holy Childhood is a non-denominational, non-profit agency that prepares children and adults with developmental disabilities for maximum independence and  integration in the community through individualized programs and services. Holy Childhood includes[…]

A Visit to the Wilson Foundation Academy

The Wilson Foundation Academy was founded in 2004 as an extension to Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School. This beautiful school is in the Genesee-Jefferson neighborhood of the city of Rochester.  The original vision was to have a community of academic excellence, grades 7-12.  That vision has expanded to a K-12 model. Assistant Principal Julie[…]